I am a happily married ex-swimmer from London, England. I swam competitively for over 10 years competing both nationally and internationally.

I have a 22 year old daughter, Hannah, who was floating before she was even walking and swimming before she can even remember. She was a competitive swimmer and graduated the U.S.Coast Guard Academy in 2017. She is currently a Lieutenant Junior Grade serving on the U.S Coast Guard Cutter Venturous out of St.Pete, Florida.

I also have a 25 year old stepson that enjoys swimming and actually took these life saving lessons when he was a toddler. Today he works at PDQ and excels and enjoys many Special Olympic events in tennis and bowling.

I was a lead teacher in a Montessori School for 17 years and have therefore had a lot of experience with young children. This has given me the tools to deal with many different personalities. I am very loving, strong, and motivating which allows me bond quickly with the children helping the learning process.  

After a few years of teaching Montessori, in the after school hours, I began using my swim background to teach swimming to many of my older Montessori students. In 2001, whilst teaching regular swimming lessons, I observed someone teaching infant survival lessons and in that instant I knew what I had to do for the rest of my life!

In 2003 I was accepted into the ISR Instructor Training and Development program and I passionately pursued becoming a survival swimming instructor to provide these essential lifesaving skills to as many children as possible.


For past 17 years, I have taught thousands of children to be safe and confident in and around the water. A 2 year old student of mine that had been taught these water safety¬† techniques some 10 months before, fell into a freezing cold, muddy pond and used his newly acquired skills to save himself in a situation that could easily have ended in a horrific tragedy. It has been because of amazing incidences like that and the joy of that little boy’s parents that I have dedicated myself to the mission to ensure that as many children as possible are given the chance of survival.

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