What your child will learn: A baby from 6 months to 14 months would learn how to hold their breath underwater and be safe and confident in the water independently.

A child from 14 months onwards will learn how to hold their breath underwater, propel themselves forward in a head down swimming motion, until they get to safety independently!

Depending upon your child’s skill level and confidence in the water competitive stroke lessons are also offered at Ms.Emma’s Swim Academy! Children as young as 3 1/2 years old can learn a beginning freestyle, backstroke, racing dives. The older more advanced students are taught the breaststroke,butterfly, flip turns etc.

Important Class & Lessons Information

Class Structure: Your child’s classes are 4 days a week, Monday thru Thursday. Each class will be approximately 10 minutes long with just your child and myself in the water. Much is accomplished in a short but very private lesson. Your child will have the same 10 – minute time slot each day. You can expect your child to complete the initial course in 5 – 6 weeks. Each lesson is individualized and custom tailored for your child’s needs and abilities.


Weekly Fees: $80 per week in Cash in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Lessons in your own pool are during off season months and carry an extra fee depending upon where you live. Please call for details around home lessons.


All weekly fees are due the Monday of each lesson week.Only cash will be accepted. · Registration: There is  a first time registration fee of $65.00 for each new student, $30.00 for second time registration, and free thereafter. This fee can be paid online via credit card. Your registration fee covers the cost of screening procedures for physical and developmental readiness of your child.


Refresher Classes: Upon completion of your child’s initial lessons, every child should take a short 1 – 3 week refresher course every 4-6 months. Regular weekly fee applies.


Maintenance Lessons: Upon completion of your child’s initial lessons or refresher lessons, maintenance lessons are recommended to maintain your child’s skills. Maintenance lessons are $20 a lesson. Please ask me for more details.


Stroke Lessons: For older or more skilled children, I also teach stroke lessons. Stroke lessons are available Monday thru Thursday. Typical schedule for stroke lessons are 8 to 12 individual sessions 20 minutes per session. Call for Pricing information related to stroke lessons.