From infants to adults we specialize in creating safe and individualized lessons. Confidence is important for both young and old in order to be safe in and around the water, which leads to more enjoyment.

Here at Ms.Emma’s Swim and Survival Academy we believe that your child will not only develop the skills to survive an aquatic problem but will learn to have fun in and around the water.

Types of Classes


A baby from 6 months to 15 months will learn the fundamental skills of breath holding and back floating .

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A child from 15 months onwards will learn a swimming and floating sequence.

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3 year old +

Depending upon your child’s skill level and confidence in the water competitive stroke lessons are also offered at Ms.Emma’s Swim and Survival Academy! Children can learn a beginning freestyle, backstroke, racing dives, etc

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Over0children are treated for submersion injuries each year!


Neurologic Impairment

Severe Brain Injury