Lesson Information and Guidelines

These guidelines have been created to help you and your child have a fun and successful experience with swim lessons. Many of these guidelines have been established based on medical research and exist to protect the health and well-being of your child. Feel free to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have pertaining to your child's lessons. Please remember that all start dates and times slots are tentative. Weather, illness, and other issues may cause a start date and time slot to be unavailable; in which case, I will contact you to reschedule. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding. Directions to Hunter's Green and Seven Oaks locations can be found on my website.

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Swim Attire

Students who are not yet potty trained are required to wear 2 reusable swim diapers such as the I play swim diapers at the same time. These can be purchased from me on the poolside or at local stores like Pinch a Penny, Target, and Buy Buy Baby. Disposable swim diapers are not permitted!!

Two Towels

Please bring 2 towels with you each day for each child. One towel for your child to lay down on after their lesson and the second towel is used to cover your child and dry them off.

Safety Before the Lesson

You will be verbally asked a series of questions about your child's daily activity including bowel movements, urine output, diet and sleep patterns before each lesson begins. It is critically important that you inform me of any medications, fever, illness or unusual behaviors or routine exhibited by your child within the past 24 hours prior to lessons. Based on the information you provide, lessons are are customized each day to ensure your child is receiving the safest and most efficient lesson possible. It is the parents responsibility to verbally provide accurate information to me. If a caretaker is bringing your child to the lessons please be sure to provide them with all pertinent information.

Diet Restrictions

It takes a great deal of energy to digest food and your child will need this energy during lessons. Certain foods can cause bloating and indigestion so please ensure that your child does not eat or drink one hour before lesson time. Dairy products are particularly hard to digest, so please refrain from your child eating any dairy products at least two hours before their lesson. It is recommended that students do not consume apples, peaches, and pineapples in any form (including mixed juices), during the week Monday through Thursday that your child is involved in lessons. These products contain a sugar alcohol which may cause abdomen distention due to gas during lessons. Since so many children now have fatal nut allergies, please do not feed your children any nut products 5 hours prior to your lesson time.


All children that are not in lessons must be seated quietly as to not become a distraction for the child taking lessons.


Videotaping and photography must be limited to the first day of lessons and on Thursdays only thereafter. This includes cell phone cameras too.

Lesson Recovery

Students under the age of four years will be required to lie on the left side for approximately 30 seconds after each lesson. In this position, any air the child may have taken in during lessons will come out easier. It will also allow for the gradual adjustment from weightlessness in the water back to gravity on land. Students over four years, do not have to lie down but it is recommended that they sit briefly after the lesson. Please use this time to provide positive reinforcement for the skills practiced during lessons. Your child may receive a lollipop or sticker after each lesson. This is something students quickly come to expect and look forward to each day.

Water Play

Water playtime usually counteracts appropriate responses being shaped by your instructor. This is usually evident on Mondays after weekends in the pool with parents. Please limit the amount and type of water play outside of the lessons. This includes bathtub play. I will inform you when it would be okay to practice and learned skills with your child and how to do so.

Payment Policy

The weekly lesson fee in the amount of $80 for the 10 minute a day survival lessons is due IN CASH each Monday beginning the week of lessons. If your child is doing 8x20 minute competitive stroke work lessons then $150 IN CASH is due on the Monday beginning each week. Please put cash in an envelope with your child's name on it and place in the blue and white leather pouch that reads,

Missed Lesson

I do not allow weekly lesson fees to be prorated for any missed lessons including weather related cancellations, legal holidays, student illness etc. The only exception to this rule are lessons that may be canceled by me for personal reasons or my illness.

Credit Lessons

Lessons missed as a result of weather or prolonged student illness( more than a week) will receive credit lessons which can be used for refresher lessons or maintenance lessons within the same year. Friday make-up lessons maybe offered and is limited to those students with the most missed lessons due to weather or long-term illness. Make up lessons will be offered only in the case of pre-announced (2 wk., written notice) family vacations, prolonged illness, weather or instructor cancellation. No credit will be given for days missed due to car trouble, over-sleeping, parent or sibling illness, beach outings etc. Make up lessons can be used as opportunities to refresh your child’s skills, after the initial set of lessons has been completed. All make up lessons must be used by Sept 22nd of this year, or be forfeited. Make up lessons cannot be carried over to the following year.

Weather Related Notice

Do not assume that class is cancelled unless you hear from me via text, weather may differ at my pool location. If you text me and I do not answer your text please assume that I am in the water teaching, and lessons are taking place.


Your child's survival skills can become undone if floatation devices are used in the water. Please refrain from any floatation device like arm floaty's or floatation vests. These devices teach your child a vertical posture in the water which may prevent your child from effectively using their survival skills if they fall into the water. This includes bathtime play as well. Please keep bathtub water levels low at or below the hip. Do not allow your child to practice or demonstrate his skills in the bathtub or shallow kiddie pool. This creates a major interference with the skills your child is being taught.

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